My Story.

After graduating from high school in a small town in Ohio, I received a phone call one day from my older sister who was married and living in Huntington Beach, California. She and her husband invited me to live with them. It took me only seconds to realize this move was what I wanted to do. What was much harder was getting settled in a place that was very different than what I had been used to all my life. But living in such a dynamic sun-soaked surf city environment where palm trees replaced the corn fields in my mind, the move instilled something deeper in me… that if I couldn’t face my fears, I wouldn’t overcome those fears.

Fast forward many years in sales and marketing, customer service and training and development in a few cities as well as states, I wouldn’t change anything. My business background along with graphic design, project management and instructional design is exactly where I want to be today. And really, who knows where or when that next crossroads will happen, but you know what? Fear has long been replaced with excitement, so I’ll be ready for that opportunity.