How I can help your business grow

One of the most satisfying roles I’ve had in my career is being able to design blended learning experiences.

I’ve been able to embrace my knowledge and skills to conduct needs analysis; design courseware; develop curriculum maps; collaborate with functional groups and key stakeholders; and to initiate, execute and monitor learning phases.

Listed below are business and technical skills along with testimonials from current and former coworkers.

Click Portfolio to see examples of my instructional design projects and graphic design work.

Instructional Design

Identified, developed and delivered blended learning experience programs for Sales, Supply Chain, Procurement, Customer Service and Management.

Graphic Design

Pursued a Specialized Certificate in Graphic Design with UCSD in order to enhance design skills in areas such as typography, web and print design and user experience.

Project Management

Managed instructional projects and methodologies requires planning and execution of needs analysis and learning objectives and pairs with scope, schedule and cost

Thank you so much! All your help on this training has been so greatly appreciated. You’re the best.

Roberta Lites

Great job, I especially think the examples were very good.

David Halgrimson

Thanks Joanne for a great presentation.

Esther Shavon

You’re the best! Thanks so much for proactively keeping me posted. It means a lot.

Peggy Payne